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The first day of school, Christmas, exam days, prom; we all know that Smith services some income challenged neighborhoods. What if we can make it better for some of the students? Not only will they benefit from whatever assistance they receive, they will also benefit from knowing an alumni cares. This will inspire them to seek success so that they can pay it forward to the next generation of Eagles. 

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ADOPT A SENIOR. Ms. Tameka Beasley from the front office at Smith along with some others have developed a program to allow the community to “adopt a senior” for the academic year. This program does not interfere with the parenting the students receive at home, but rather enhances it. Volunteers will be assigned to a particular student in need of assistance and will have the opportunity to provide that student with the things they need, be it financial, moral support, mentorship, or academic support. Contact Ms. Beasley at beaslet@gcsnc.com for more information.

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