In 1973, Smith High School reached its 10-year milestone, boasting a diverse student body. With the end of segregation and the implementation of busing in Greensboro, Black students from traditionally Black schools were integrated into different locations for greater diversity. Smith, known as one of Greensboro’s most diverse schools, had already welcomed students from various ethnic backgrounds.

During this time, a talented young quarterback named Vince Evans emerged as a star player, leading the Smith football team. Not only did Evans collect his high school diploma, but he also ventured to California, where he achieved great success as the leader of USC’s Trojans on the football field. Eventually, he would be drafted in the sixth round by the Chicago Bears, enjoying a fruitful career in both the NFL and USFL.

On the weekend of October 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2023, the class of 1973 will gather to celebrate their 50th reunion. The reunion also serves as an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of Vince Evans, who will make the journey from his California home to attend the festivities. The celebration commences on Thursday with a light reception hosted by class alumni in the campus courtyard. On Friday, during halftime at the homecoming football game against Southern Guilford, both the class of ’73 and Vince Evans will receive special recognition. Saturday morning brings another chance for the class to revisit the campus and partake in a school tour, followed by a banquet at the Embassy Suites. The evening culminates in a memorable party at the same location, serving as a dual celebration for all alumni, as the 60th anniversary of the school is also observed.

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