Welcome to the first Alumni News post! We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Ben L. Smith Alumni Association, an organization dedicated to fostering connections among alumni and providing support to our beloved alma mater, both in terms of finances and mentorship.

As an alumni association, our main objective is to create something positive and valuable for all members. Let us introduce you to the passionate individuals who will be leading the way: Jeff Crosby, a distinguished member of the class of 1994, will serve as our President. Joining him is Dwan Austin, an outstanding representative of the class of 2002, who will be serving as our Vice President. Britton Beasley, a proud member of the class of 1994, has taken on the role of Secretary. Yolanda Dark Law, from the class of 1984 has joined on as the Treasurer. Monique Austin, a dynamic force from the class of 2000, will be serving as our Membership Coordinator. Lastly, we have Anthony Izzard, an esteemed graduate from the class of 1989, who will be our at-large member. Together, we are determined to build something historic for Eagles, past, present, and future.

We sincerely thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for exciting updates and opportunities that lie ahead. We truly appreciate your continued support as we work towards making a difference in the lives of our fellow alumni and current students.

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