Lifetime Membership Dues- Couples

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Ben L. Smith is … a lifelong connection.

Are you an Eagle married to an Eagle? In honor of your lifelong love for Ben L. Smith, the Alumni Association offers its members a Lifetime Member Program for couples as well. As a Golden Eagle couple we offer the great couple a slight discount for joint Lifetime membership. This level of membership offers a one time cost and 4 years of zero annual fees. Annual fees are just $9 after year 4. Lifetime members are special and receive special incentives as well. Those extra incentives are:

  • 2 Lifetime member car decals
  • 2 Lifetime membership framed certificates
  • 2 Lifetime membership shot glasses

Smith Alumni Association membership supports and celebrates Ben L. Smith and our alumni family, and members enjoy useful and fun perks, too. From Active Alumni Only events to discounts and Golden Eagle-spirited giveaways, we’ve got you covered — now and always.


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