You asked for it and we listened.

The Ben L. Smith Alumni Association 2024 Summer Tailgate

is scheduled for Saturday July 13, 2024 times are, setup from 2-4pm | tailgate 5-10pm. 

We ask that you do your part to push for the success of the event by spreading the word among any classmates, friends, family, neighbors, social media friends, etc that attended Ben L. Smith at any time since its opening, even if they only attended for a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the tailgate?

Saturday July 13

What time is the tailgate?

6-11. Set up time is 2-5. There will be absolutely no vehicles in the parking lot after 530 pm. If you are unable to make it by 5, sorry. 5-530 we are clearing all vehicles except dessert trucks from the parking lot. 



Which parking lot?

In the back near the auditorium and the swimming pool. It was the student parking lot in the 90’s



How much are the spots?

All spots are one price. For class, organizations, vendors, or families, its $50



What kind of vendors are allowed?

We are allowing just 3 dessert vendors, but no other food vendors unless their food is free. No selling food allowed. Merchandise vendors are allowed to sell Smith merchandise only. Informational vendors are allowed only if they are offering information about community resources or if they are Smith alumni.



How big are the spots for $50?

The tailgate spots are the equivalent of 3 parking spaces. If you feel that you don’t need that much space and would rather not have the large empty space beside you, then just let us know.



What is provided with the tailgate spot?

Absolutely nothing except fo the space. No tables, no chairs, no electricity, nothing but the space



So what are we allowed to bring?

Tables, chairs, grills, generators, tents, lights, decorations, bring it all to make your spot comfortable and good for you and your people. As of right now, no fryers are allowed. But we are trying to find a grease disposal service so that we can allow fryers. 



Is alcohol allowed?

Absolutely NOT! This is school grounds and no alcohol is allowed on school grounds. This is the politically correct answer. But there will be no one walking around to check what’s in the cup you’re holding…

What about smoking?

…there will however be GPD officers in place so while smoking is allowed, be sure that it’s legal so that you don’t have an early exit from the tailgate in the back of a different car than the one you came in. 



Terms and Conditions

Assignment and Use of Event Space: Participant spaces will be assigned based on Participant requests, at our discretion, on a first come, first picked spot basis. Participants acknowledge that the event organizers reserve the right to refuse any Participants for any reason. Event organizers also reserves the right to reassign Participant spacing or to alter event layout at any time if the layout creates a problem for attendees, performers, other Participants, sponsors, or facility regulations. Participants agree that Guilford County Schools, Ben L. Smith, or the event organizers will not be held liable for any reactions, illnesses, deaths, or other injuries; physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional that may result from the usage of any product. All liability falls on the Participants.

Care of Park and Equipment: Participants or entourages must not injure, deface, or damage the property of Ben L Smith, Guilford County Schools, the City of Greensboro, the event organizers, or any rental company providing equipment for this event. If such damage occurs, the Participant is liable to the owner of the damaged equipment.

Liability: Notwithstanding anything in the agreement to the contrary, each party will be liable for the negligent, or willful acts or omissions of its employees, officers, agents, directors, invitees, contractors, or others acting on behalf or with its authority, and shall indemnify the other party for any liability arising there from. Participants further agree to indemnify and hold the event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, or Guilford County Schools, harmless from claims by the vendor’s agents or employees or by any other persons arising out of any act or omission connected with the vendor’s participation in the event whether negligent or not. The event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, Guilford County Schools shall not be responsible for the security of Participants’s equipment or its proprietary information, and the Participants shall have full responsibility for any theft or other loss including any subrogation claims by its insurer. It is the responsibility of the Participants to maintain proper insurance coverage for its property and liability. None of the event coordinators shall be liable to any Participants for any loss, damage, harm or injury to the person, property or business or any of its visitors, officers, agents, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the facility or intermediate staging facilities, insufficient participation, accident, or any other reason in connection with the event or planning meetings demonstration, or staging.

Facility Rules: Participants shall comply with all rules and regulations of the event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, and Guilford County Schools.

The Event Organizer Rules: 

our rules are as follows:


* We reserve the right to refuse any group, organization, or class for any reason.

* No electrical cords, outlets, or generators will be provided by the event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, or Guilford County Schools.

* No tables or chairs will be provided by the event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, or Guilford County Schools.

* The festival is over at 11:00pm. The person filling out this form is responsible for ensuring that their area is left clean. Clean-up will commence until the facility is left in a satisfactory state. Any equipment or products left at the facility are not the responsibility of the event organizers, Ben L Smith, the City of Greensboro, or Guilford County Schools.

*Check your email for confirmation. If you did not get an email, then your form did not go through and your spot has not been secured. 

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