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Alumni Events

On Friday night, July 14, 2023 a group of alumni got together in the back parking lot of the school and held the largest gathering of alumni in school history. It was an epic night with absolutely no drama, no fights, no gunshots, no police were called. It was all love. Here are the photos from this event, in case you missed it. 

on campus

June 12, 2023

Greatness came together and celebrated the wonderful teachers and staff Ben L. Smith High School !!!
Special thanks to our organizers, Alumni Association officers, Anthony Izzard and Monique Austin
William BJ Levette II and the entire Athletic Booster Club
Greensboro NAACP
Divine intervention Community Resources
Christy Transport
Xtra Sugar in The Kitchen with Nikki
Jan street
Thaledenise Newchange
Cee L Bee and son(current student) Anston
Latarshia Darnell and daughter Kalona
Thank you all for your donations and time to celebrate our amazing staff at Ben L. Smith High School 💚💛


In December of 2022, Coach Montis Lash was hired as the 15th head football coach at Ben L. Smith. Coach Lash is a 2001 graduate of Smith and played under the late great Coach Tony McKee. Smith is excited to see what Coach Lash will bring to the team and to the school.

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