photos by Cameron Cheek. class of 94

about Ben L. smith

Dr. Melvin Marshall

Built in 1963 and located in Southwestern Greensboro, NC, Ben L. Smith High School is centrally located within Guilford County. The Smith High School student population consists of students from forty-four different countries.


At Ben L. Smith High School, our mission is to provide a place of excellence where all students can achieve their full potential in a safe, rigorous, academic environment, and understand their role in a culturally diverse global community.


At Ben L. Smith High School, we address the individual needs of students; foster a caring and creative environment; and emphasize the social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and cultural development of each student in a globally diverse community.

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about the alumni association

The Alumni Association is a dedicated group of former students who generously offer their time, expertise, and energy. Our primary goal is to strengthen the bond among alumni and contribute to the betterment of our alma mater. We firmly believe that, with our extensive membership, we have the power to enact positive changes, reinstating our esteemed high school to its former glory and reinstilling the pride we once felt as students.

Through various forms of support, such as academic assistance, involvement in sports events, and personal development programs, we aim to not only reinvigorate the pride of our fellow alumni but also enhance the experience of current students. By offering mentorship opportunities, financial aid, and our active presence, we envision transforming Smith High School into the leading educational institution in our city.

the officers

Jeff Crosby

President. Class of 1994

Dwan Austin

Vice President. Class of 2002

Britton Beasley

Secretary. Class of 1994

Yolanda dark law

Treasurer. Class of 1984

Monique Austin

Memberships. Class of 2000

Anthony Izzard

At Large. Class of 1989

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